Welcome to the Turbo-STRAPhelp section.  For additional information, please email us at help@turboroster.com

All of sudden my phone won't pair or it's pairing and its not properly recording my workouts?

This usually means that Apple is scanning for devices and pairing it directly with the band instead of the app.  If this is the case, please follow these steps.

1.  Click on settings in your iPhone

2.  Click on Bluetooth

3.  Turn on device.  Locate Scosche or Rhythm+ in your bluetooth and click on it 

4.  Click forget device. 

5.  Log out of your account in the Turbo-STRAPP app.  

6.  When you log back in, it will request you pair your device

7.  Click pair on the appropriate screen that has your device

8.  It should pair

 - Do you have an overview of the devices that Turbo-STRAPP integrates with?

Yes.  See our founders stellar camera performance below.


All of sudden my app is crashing every time I open it?

This could mean your app didn't download correctly from either the IOS Store or Android Store or that you accidentally swiped up (killed your app) while the activity was running.

1.  Delete your app on your phone

2.  Re-download the app from the iphone or android store

3.  For Scosche or Turbo-STRAPP Band users, we also recommend letting your device fully run out of battery so it can reset itself.  Connect to your app or phone (only occasion to connect to phone) and pair it.  Keep the device on until it runs out of battery and then recharge it.  This will enable the device to reset itself

All my data in my workout history is gone, what do I do?

No worries, we still have your data :)

1.  Log out of your app by clicking on your settings in the menu.

2.  Log back in and your data should appear in about 3-5 minutes.

- What is this Recovery system all about?  Mine always says "No Data"

In order to get your recovery score, we need to know your Resting Heart Rate.  Resting Heart Rate is a great indicator on how well recovered you are.  For example, if your Resting Heart Rate increases 10- 15+% one night and you have had intense activities for consecutive days, your body probably needs a recovery or off load day.  

In order to get true resting heart rate, you'll need to capture this through a sleep device that tracks heart rate.  We recommend BEDDIT.  It's a strip you place under your covers that tracks sleep patterns and Resting Heart Rate.  However, we work with several others that integrate with Apple Health Kit.  Find one that you like best and we'll work with it :)  

How do you turn on and off the device?

*Turning on the device, lightly press the middle button "S"

*Turning off the device, press and hold the middle button until the lights are no longer blinking.


My APP says its out of range but I'm not?

Bluetooth can sometimes disconnect randomly, however we have provisions that try to prevent this from happening.  If you are experiencing this often, please check to make sure you are not connected to a device in your phone settings.


- How do I get on the leaderboard?

Users that add a location (while adding an activity) will be added to a leaderboard of that location


- How do I put on the Velcro strap?

Create a U by putting each end of the strap through the device holes.  Fold over each end and leave a loop between the strap and device.  It's a little tricky :)  

Check out this youtbe video on how to put it on .  https://youtu.be/gBsL_nBwbdI


- Can I adjust my personal settings?

Sure...you can hold each category and adjust your settings or you can adjust them in your Profile Settings


- Is the calorie burn accurate?

Yes.  We have a unique formula that uses the MET system along with the intensity of your Heart Rate.  It works well in almost every activity, including SPIN.


- What does Intense minutes mean?

Intense effort is a calculation when you reach your Aerobic, Anaerobic, and VO2 Max based on your user credentials


- What do the Plus and Minus buttons do?

Not much.  It's was designed to adjust your music controls but we eliminated it.  


- Does the device work for iPhone only?

Turbo-STRAPP works with the iPhone 4s and up and Android phones


- Does Android have distance, because mine isn't calculating?

Yes.  A recent update to the Android system allows user to calculate distance from the device not just the phone

- Does Android allow users to workout away from their phone?

Unfortunately no.  That feature is only for Apple users.  However, we will update everyone when that becomes available.


- Why does the Android App seem to work differently than Apple?

Android and Apple have basically the same functionality but unfortunately the operating systems causes slight changes in the apps.  But essentially you can do the same thing in both apps.

For more info email us at Help@turboroster.com